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11 Instagram Stories Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

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  • September 8, 2023
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  • 7 min read


If you’re like most people, you use Instagram to share photos and videos of your life—the good stuff, the bad stuff, the weird stuff. You may also know that there are a lot of different features on Instagram that you can use to share your photos or videos, like reels or stories. Meaning that the feed isn’t the only place where you can post photos.

The Instagram story option allows you to share your photos and videos for about 24 hours maximum; you can delete it if you want to, but after 24 hours, it disappears.

As everyone said, this feature was mostly introduced by taking inspiration from the OG Snapchat stories. But unlike Snapchat stories, the Instagram stories features have many cool things you can do.

You can use dozens of little tricks to make your Stories stand out from the crowd. And did you know that these Instagram hacks don’t require any kind of tech wizardry? You can make some pretty cool things happen with your phone’s built-in camera and editing tools.

In this guide, the Book Writing Founders have rounded up 11 Instagram hacks to amp up your Stories game. These Instagram hacks are easy for anyone, even if they’ve never used their phone’s camera before!

Rainbow Text Trick:

Imagine your text on Instagram looking like a rainbow! Here’s how you can do this Instagram hack:

First, type your text. Then, tap and hold any color on the palette. Keep holding it and, with another finger, gently slide across the text. Watch the colors magically change while moving across your words, creating a vibrant rainbow effect.

Hide Hashtags and Mentions:

Do you find hashtags making your Stories look cluttered? Here’s an Instagram hack:

After typing your hashtags or mentions, pinch them with your fingers to make them smaller. Now, place a sticker, emoji, or GIF over them. This cleverly hides the hashtags while keeping your Story tidy and still searchable.

If you are a ghostwriter and want your page to reach potential clients, you can hide a “Ghostwriting Services provider in XYZ place “and much more like these in your stories. This way, people looking for such services can find your page, and it wouldn’t even look like you tricked them into finding you.

Create a Solid Background:

Do you want your Story’s background to be a single color? It’s easy! Pick the drawing tool, choose any color you like, and tap and hold on the screen for a few seconds.

Presto! Your entire screen magically turns into that color, giving you a solid and vibrant background.

Hands-Free Video Recording:

Tired of holding down the record button for long videos? No worries! Swipe over to the ‘Hands-Free’ option at the screen’s bottom.

Once there, just tap the record button once to start recording. No need to keep your finger pressed, making it a breeze to capture those cool moments without any strain.

Custom Fonts:

Using different fonts in your Stories can add a unique touch. Special apps or websites allow you to generate text in various Fonts. Although Instagram also provides you with some different s if you feel creative,

Once you’ve created your text in these font styles, you can copy it and paste it directly into your Instagram Story. This way, you’re not limited to the standard fonts offered on Instagram.

You can pick from various creative fonts, making your text more eye-catching and personalized.

Layer Stickers for Depth:

Layering stickers can give your Stories a more playful and dynamic appearance. Add a sticker to your Story, then duplicate it by tapping and holding.

You can then experiment with the duplicated sticker’s different sizes, positions, and orientations. By layering stickers, you can create cool effects, adding depth and personality to your Stories.

Create a Color Palette:

Having a consistent color scheme can make your Stories look polished and professional. To create your color palette, select the color you want for text or stickers.

Hold down on the color palette to reveal more color options. Additionally, you can use the eyedropper tool to match colors from your photos or videos. This way, you can maintain a cohesive and harmonious color scheme throughout your Stories.

Pinning Emojis or Text:

Pinning emojis or text to specific moving objects in your videos can add a fun and dynamic element to your Stories. After adding emojis or text, tap and hold on them until a menu pops up.

Select the “Pin” option, then move the emoji or text to the desired spot on the video. It stays stuck to that spot even as the video moves. This allows you to creatively interact with and emphasize certain elements in your Stories.

Reshare Posts to Stories:

Sharing posts you’ve been tagged in directly to your Stories is a handy way to showcase content from your followers or other accounts you admire.

When you come across a post you want to share, tap the paper airplane icon beneath it. Then, choose the “Add post to your story” option.

Before sharing it with your audience, you can personalize it by adding stickers, text, or drawings. It’s a great way to highlight content and engage with your followers.

Use Templates and Apps:

Utilizing third-party apps like Canva or Unfold can significantly enhance your Storytelling. These apps offer various templates, filters, and design elements to create visually appealing Stories effortlessly.

Pick a template that suits your style, add images or videos, and customize it with text, stickers, or effects. It’s like having a creative studio in your pocket, allowing you to elevate your Stories with professional-looking designs and visuals.

Use polls in your stories!

Use polls in your stories, as they’re also a great way to connect with followers! Polls are a great way to get feedback from followers, and they can be used for all sorts of things.

For example, by taking a poll, you could ask people what they think about an upcoming event or product launch. Or maybe you want to know what kind of Popular Genre Trends you want to write your next book on.

Whatever you need feedback on, polls are a fun way to get it!

To create an Instagram poll:

Tap “Add” at the bottom-right corner of your screen (or swipe left if using portrait mode). Then tap “Create Poll.” You’ll see two options here: choose whichever one best fits your situation–you’ll either want to ask for people’s opinions about something specific (like which Book Trailer Guide should post next that your followers can choose themselves) or simply ask whether something should happen (like asking them whether we should do another Book Writing Services workshop).

Essential Elements and Detailed Insights

Instagram Story Hack Purpose Description
Rainbow Text Trick Enhancing Text Appeal Create a rainbow effect on text by sliding your finger across while holding a color.
Hide Hashtags and Mentions Tidying Up Stories Minimize and cover hashtags/mentions with stickers or emojis to keep the story searchable but clean.
Create a Solid Background Background Customization Use the drawing tool to transform the screen into a single color for a uniform background.
Hands-Free Video Recording Ease of Recording Utilize the ‘Hands-Free’ option to record videos without holding the button.
Custom Fonts Text Personalization Use external apps or websites to create and use unique fonts in your stories.
Layer Stickers for Depth Enhancing Visual Appeal Add depth by layering and resizing duplicated stickers in your story.
Create a Color Palette Consistent Aesthetics Use the eyedropper tool for a cohesive color scheme in your stories.


The Instagram hacks we’ve shared here will help you take your Instagram Stories game to the next level without needing technical know-how. With these hacks, you’ll have all the tools to turn everyday moments into exciting, engaging stories for your followers.

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