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22 Top Audiobook Production Companies

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  • December 12, 2023
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  • 8 min read


Making an audiobook means turning written books into stories you can listen to. It’s done by recording someone reading the book and making it sound great.

In this article, we will talk about 22 of the best companies regarded by Book Writing Founders that make these audiobooks. Some, like Audible Studios, are known for having many different stories to listen to. Others, like ACX, help writers find the perfect person to read their book out loud. If you love stories or are curious about how books get turned into audiobooks, this will be fun to read!

1. Audible Studios

Audible Studios

Audible Studios is a star in audiobook production. They create audiobooks that grab your attention and keep it. With a mix of many genres and clear narrations, they lead the way in audiobook production. Their audiobooks are more than just stories; they’re full experiences. Each book Audible Studios produces turns into a unique audio journey, making every listen special and unforgettable.

2. ACX


ACX, or Audiobook Creation Exchange, plays a key role in audiobook production. They connect authors, narrators, and publishers. ACX makes audiobook production easy and approachable. They are perfect for new authors. ACX knows how to make an audiobook shine. They help every project reach its highest potential. Their impact on the audiobook world is clear and significant.

3. BeeAudio


BeeAudio is exceptional in detailed audiobook production. They handle everything from skilled narration to careful post-production. Quality is their top priority. This focus is obvious in every audiobook they make. BeeAudio doesn’t just work on audiobook production; it crafts audio masterpieces. Their thorough process ensures a top-notch listening experience that captures the audience.

4. Blackstone Audio

Blackstone Audio

Blackstone Audio stands out for its varied audiobook production. They bring all kinds of stories to life. Known for their audiobook production skills, they’ve earned a solid reputation. Blackstone Audio combines a wide selection with high quality. They aim to make audiobooks that engage and impress. This has made them a go-to for listeners who want variety and quality audiobooks.


5. Brilliance Audio

Brilliance Audio

Brilliance Audio focuses on making audiobooks that pull you in. They’re great at audiobook production. Their audiobooks have engaging stories and excellent quality. Brilliance Audio’s goal is to keep listeners hooked from start to end. They blend interesting content with great sound. This commitment means every audiobook they produce is heard, truly experienced, and remembered.

6. Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices is great for audiobook production. They have a unique platform that helps authors find just the right narrator. This service is tailored to fit different needs, making audiobook production easier for authors. They ensure the right voice matches each story, leading to engaging audiobooks. Their wide range of options makes them a top choice for authors who want to turn their books into audio.

7. Hachette Audio

Hachette Audio

Hachette Audio is known for making bestsellers and award-winning audiobooks. Their audiobook production skills are clear in their large and varied catalog. They are experts at turning stories into audiobooks that people love to listen to. Their team’s skill in audiobook production is unmatched. This makes them a favorite for authors who want their books to be heard and enjoyed by many.

8. HarperAudio


Part of HarperCollins, HarperAudio is a leader in audiobook production. They are known for high-quality recordings and captivating narrations. They focus on every detail to make excellent audiobooks. Their audiobooks are not only well-made but also keep listeners hooked. HarperAudio’s dedication to audiobook production has made it popular among authors and listeners. They set high standards in the audiobook industry.

9. Macmillan Audio

Macmillan Audio

Macmillan Audio has a team that’s great at different genres, from fiction to non-fiction. Their audiobook production is outstanding. They aim to make audiobooks that speak to listeners. Their approach mixes technical skills with creativity. This makes every audiobook they produce a special experience. Authors working with Macmillan Audio can expect their stories to be turned into captivating listens.

10. Penguin Random House Audio

Penguin Random House Audio

A big player in the publishing world, Penguin Random House Audio commits to top-notch audiobook production. They’ve made many well-loved audiobooks. They blend a deep understanding of stories with technical skills in audiobook production. They offer various audiobooks, showing their commitment to quality and variety. Penguin Random House Audio greatly impacts audiobook production, making them key in the publishing industry.

11. Podium Audio

Podium Audio

Podium Audio shines in the audiobook production world, especially with science fiction and fantasy genres. They are a great fit for new authors. Podium Audio’s expertise in audiobook production brings fresh and imaginative stories to life. They focus on helping emerging authors find their voice in the audiobook market. Their dedication to quality and innovation makes them a go-to for captivating sci-fi and fantasy audiobooks. Authors looking to break into these genres will find a supportive and skilled partner in Podium Audio.

12. Recorded Books

Recorded Books

Recorded Books boasts an extensive library, showing their range in audiobook production. They produce high-quality audiobooks across various genres. This diversity makes them appealing to a broad audience. Their commitment to audiobook production excellence is evident in every book they release. Whether it’s romance, mystery, or any other genre, Recorded Books delivers engaging audiobooks. Their ability to cater to different tastes makes them a standout in the audiobook production industry.

13. Red Apple Creative

Red Apple Creative

Known for their creative approach, Red Apple Creative excels in making immersive audiobooks. Their audiobook production process is innovative, setting them apart. They focus on creating audiobooks that offer rich, engaging experiences. Red Apple Creative’s expertise in audiobook production is evident in the vivid and captivating worlds they create. Their unique style makes every audiobook they produce a memorable experience for listeners.

14. Scholastic Audio

Scholastic Audio

Scholastic Audio specializes in audiobook production for children’s and young adult literature. They have a knack for making stories come alive for young audiences. Their audiobooks are not just read; they’re an adventure. Scholastic Audio’s approach to audiobook production enriches the storytelling experience, making it more engaging for young listeners. Their focus on this niche market has made them a leader in creating audiobooks that capture the imagination of children and teens.

15. Simon & Schuster Audio

Simon & Schuster Audio

Simon & Schuster Audio produces various titles, showcasing their prowess in audiobook production. They are known for their high-quality audiobooks. Their catalog includes everything from bestsellers to niche genres. Simon & Schuster Audio’s commitment to audiobook production excellence has earned them recognition in the industry. They consistently provide engaging and well-produced audiobooks, making them a top choice for listeners and authors alike.

16. StorySound:


StorySound brings stories to life, creating audiobooks that are like audio adventures. They choose exciting tales and use dynamic narration to make every listening experience thrilling and immersive. Perfect for those who love action-packed stories, StorySound’s audiobooks are a hit with adventure enthusiasts of all ages.

17. EchoTales


EchoTales specializes in fairy tales and fantasy stories, transforming them into enchanting audiobooks. Their narrators use expressive voices to create magical worlds, making listeners feel like they’re entering a fairy tale. Ideal for fans of magic and fantasy, EchoTales’ audiobooks are a gateway to imagination.

18. VoiceWave Studios

VoiceWave Studios

VoiceWave Studios focuses on educational stories, making learning fun through their audiobooks. They cover various topics, from wildlife to space exploration, presented engagingly and understandably. Their audiobooks are perfect for curious minds wanting to learn while being entertained.

19. NarrateRight

NarrateRight brings real-life stories to the forefront. Their audiobooks are like listening to a friend recounting an incredible true story, filled with genuine emotions and experiences. They are ideal for those who love biographies, memoirs, and true stories.

20. AudioJourney

AudioJourney excels in comedic storytelling, turning funny tales into even more hilarious audiobooks. Their narrators add a lively touch to each story, ensuring a laughter-filled listening experience. Perfect for those seeking a light-hearted, entertaining break.

21. ListenUp Kids

Dedicated to children’s literature, ListenUp Kids creates engaging and age-appropriate audiobooks for young listeners. Their stories are entertaining and educational, designed to capture children’s imagination and foster a love for listening.

22. MysterySoundz

Specializing in mystery and detective stories, MysterySoundz creates audiobooks like audio puzzles. Their suspenseful and intriguing narrations make each story a thrilling experience, perfect for mystery lovers who enjoy piecing together clues and solving mysteries through sound.


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Audiobook Production Services help make books into audio stories, including reading and sound work.

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Author Website Design Services help writers show their books online and connect with readers.

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Why use Book Writing Services?

Book Writing Services help writers, especially new ones, write and improve their books.


This article taught us about 22 amazing companies that turn books into audiobooks. Companies like Audible Studios and ACX are great at making different stories you can listen to. Others, like BeeAudio and Blackstone Audio, focus on quality and variety. They all work hard to make audiobooks fun and interesting to hear. Whether you’re a fan of exciting stories, learning new things, or just love reading books, these companies make it all possible. They ensure there’s an audiobook for everyone, no matter what kind of story you like.

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