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How to Make a Book Trailer: Captivating Readers with Visual Teasers

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  • September 5, 2023
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  • 10 min read


Have you ever watched a trailer that made you want more and eager to see the movie? That’s the power of a teaser. It draws us in and creates excitement and anticipation. A book teaser is a similar concept. It’s a short piece of writing that introduces readers to your book and gives them a taste of what’s to come. It’s a great way to build buzz around your book and generate interest in your work. In this article, we will discuss how to make a book trailer.

Do We Need A Book Trailer To Promote My Book?

A book trailer is not a must-have but can be a great way to boost your book’s visibility and appeal. Here are some benefits of making a book trailer:

Visual Impact:

In this digital age, people are drawn to visual content more than plain text. A book trailer lets you display the visual aspects of your story, such as the characters, the setting, and the main events, creating an attractive impression for potential readers.

Emotional Connection:

A book trailer can stir up emotions and create a bond with viewers. Using captivating visuals, music, and excerpts from your book’s dialogue or narration, you can make an emotional impression that stays with the audience and encourages them to read your book.

Broadening Your Reach:

Book trailers can help you reach a larger audience than traditional marketing methods. They can be easily shared on social media platforms, book review websites, and even shown at book fairs or author events. The visual and interactive nature of book trailers makes them viral, increasing the chances of your book finding new readers who might not have known about it otherwise.

Enhancing Discoverability:

In the vast market of books, a book trailer can make your book stand out. It is a marketing tool that creates interest and sets your book apart. When potential readers come across your book trailer, they get a taste of the story, genre, and tone, helping them decide if it matches their preferences.

Building Author’s Brand:

Book trailers can enhance your overall author brand and online presence. You create a distinctive style and aesthetic associated with your work by consistently making visually appealing and engaging book trailers. This brand Examples of Good Book Trailers

If you want to see some examples of good book trailers, you can check out these links:

MissPeregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children:

This book trailer uses vintage photos, eerie music, and voiceover narration to create a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere that matches the book’s genre and tone.

Opposite of Always:

This book trailer uses animation, upbeat music, and text to introduce the main characters and the book’s premise, a romantic comedy with a time-travel twist.


This book trailer uses footage from the author’s actual hike, narration by the author herself, and quotes from the book to convey the memoir’s theme of self-discovery and adventure.

Suggestions To Make A Book Trailer

Here are the suggestions to make a book trailer

Be Brief:

Be Brief Keep your trailer short and sweet, no more than 2 minutes long. You want to hook your viewers with your book’s most exciting and essential parts, not spoil the whole plot.

Be Emotional:

Connect with your viewers on an emotional level. Use visuals, music, and text that match the feelings you want to evoke in your story: thrill, mystery, love, or adventure. The emotional impact can make your viewers remember your book.

Be Original:

Choose excerpts from your book that reveal exciting characters, surprising twists, or memorable scenes. Show your viewers what makes your story unique and irresistible.

Be Visual:

Use high-quality images, animations, or videos that fit your book’s genre and theme. Visuals should be stunning, attention-grabbing, and relevant to your story.

Be Musical:

Pick background music that suits your book’s mood, tone, and rhythm. The music should amplify the visuals and create an immersive experience for viewers. Ensure the music’s tempo and style match the emotions and ambiance you want to convey.

Also, try mixing the audio. Adding sound effects, like a gunshot or a scream, over the musical soundtrack can create more tension, for example.

How to Make a Book Trailer Without Any Fees?

You don’t need a big budget to make a book trailer. Just follow these tips and use some free online resources:

  1. Use Biteable or iMovie to edit your video with ready-made templates, text, music, and transitions.
  2. Find royalty-free images and videos that match your book’s theme, characters, or settings on Unsplash, Pexels, or Pixabay.
  3. Add some background music from Envato or SoundCloud’s royalty-free section to set the mood for your trailer.
  4. Record your voiceover with Audacity or your smartphone’s voice recording app to tell your story in your own words.
  5. Use AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, or Leonardo AI to generate original content for free. You can find tutorials on how to use them on YouTube.

How to Publish Your Book Trailer Effectively?

A book trailer is a great way to showcase your book and attract readers. But where should you publish it to get the most exposure? Here are some tips to help you choose the best platforms for your book trailer.


YouTube is the biggest platform for video content, so it’s a must for your book trailer. Create a channel for your book and upload your trailer there, using catchy and relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags. You can also link your website, social media accounts, and author bio to your YouTube channel to increase your online presence.

Website or Blog:

Your website or blog is your home base, where you can provide more information about your book and yourself. Embed your book trailer on a page dedicated to your book, along with a summary, purchase links, and other details. This way, visitors can watch your trailer and learn more about your book in one place.

Social Media:

Social media is a powerful tool to reach and connect with your audience. Share your book trailer on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, depending on your genre and target market. For example, TikTok is ideal for YA books, while Facebook or LinkedIn might be better for political fiction. Use hashtags, interact with your fans, and ask them to spread the word about your book trailer.

Book Review Sites:

Some book review sites allow you to display your book trailer, reviews, or featured listings. Find out which book review sites cater to your genre and audience and submit your book trailer to them. This can help you gain more exposure and credibility for your book.

Different Kinds of Book Teasers

A book teaser is a powerful way to create hype for your book before it comes out. Depending on your goals and preferences, you can use different book teasers. Let’s discuss the three main kinds of book teasers:

Video Teasers:

Video teasers are an effective way to catch people’s eye as they browse their social media platforms. Video content is viral nowadays because it’s more interactive than plain text or images.

With video teasers, authors can display their work in a visually appealing way that substantially impacts viewers. A video book trailer creation should be brief but informative and give viewers a sneak peek into what the book is about without revealing too much.

Social Media Teasers:

Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are vital tools for authors to market their books. Social media teasers are short pieces of text with an image related to the book – either the cover design or an image that somehow symbolizes the story.

The key to creating successful social media teasers is to keep them concise and catchy while still providing enough information about the book to spark readers” curiosity. Social media users have short attention spans, so you want your teaser to hook them quickly before they move on to the next post.

Email Teasers:

Email marketing is another valuable tool for promoting your upcoming release. Email teasers are similar to social media ones but usually contain more details about your story, as they can be longer than social media posts.

As the author, you have a loyal audience in your email subscribers. Use this to your benefit by creating teasers that make them eager to read your upcoming book.

What To Avoid When Making A Book Teaser?

Yes. By picking the wrong quote, putting too much or too little information, or making it hard to read, you can confuse your readers instead of enticing them. Using the wrong fonts can make the teaser unreadable – and readers won’t share something they can’t read. And lastly, those background images can cause trouble if you don’t have the right to use them.

Do Professional Biography Writing Services Use The Strategy Of A Book Trailer?

Yes, some professional biography writing services like Book Writing Founders use book trailers to market their services. A book trailer is a short video promoting a book, and it can be used to encourage a biography similarly.

Is A Book Trailer One of the Best Book Marketing Techniques?

Yes, a book trailer is crucial for Book Marketing Strategy. They are a highly effective way to generate interest in your book, reach a wider audience, and drive sales.

What are the eBook Sales Tactics?

eBook sales tactics are strategies that authors and publishers use to increase sales of their ebooks. Many different tactics can be used, but some of the most effective include:

Create a high-quality ebook:

This is the most critical factor, as people are likelier to buy and read a well-written, informative, and engaging ebook.

Price your ebook competitively:

Research the prices of similar ebooks and set your price accordingly. You want to make sure that your ebook is affordable, but you also want to make sure that you are making a profit.

Market your ebook effectively:

This includes promoting your ebook on social media, running paid ads, and submitting it to ebook directories.

What Are The Book Reviews Significance In Today’s Era?

Book reviews are still significant in today’s era, even with the rise of ebooks and other digital media. They provide valuable information and feedback for potential readers and can help them decide whether or not to buy a particular book.

Essential Elements and Detailed Insights

Aspect Details Additional Information
Purpose of a Book Trailer – To create excitement and anticipation
– To introduce readers to the book
– A marketing tool to build buzz around a book
Benefits of a Book Trailer – Visual impact
– Emotional connection
– Broadens reach
– Enhances discoverability
– Helps in standing out in the market
Types of Book Trailers – Video teasers
– Social media teasers
– Email teasers
– Different formats for different platforms
Making a Book Trailer – Be brief, emotional, original, visual, and musical – Strategies for creating an impactful trailer
Free Tools for Creating – Biteable, iMovie
– Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay
– Envato, SoundCloud
– Low-cost resources for DIY book trailers
Publishing Platforms – YouTube
– Website/Blog
– Social Media
– Book Review Sites
– Where to share the trailer for maximum exposure
Marketing & Sales Tactics – High-quality eBook creation
– Competitive pricing
– Effective marketing
– Strategies to increase eBook sales


A book trailer is a creative way to showcase your book and attract potential readers. Following the tips in this book trailer guide, you can use your imagination and skills to produce a captivating video reflecting your book’s essence. Don’t hesitate to embrace the challenge and explore the possibilities of book trailer creation.

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