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Top 10 Book Cover Design Trends for 2023

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  • September 11, 2023
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  • 6 min read


It’s important for a book cover design to follow the latest trends. People prefer modern and fashionable graphic designs with trendy colors, fonts, styles, concepts, and other elements. Like other graphic design trends, book cover design changes quickly over time.

Several cover designs become popular but then fade away after a few years. Every year, we see new changes in cover designs and book cover sizes because each cover is mainly created to compete with others in the market.

Here are the top ten book cover design trends for 2023.

Trend 1: Minimalistic Designs

Graphic designers nowadays prefer creating simple designs that anyone can understand right away. That’s why they choose a minimalistic approach when designing book covers. You’ll see book covers with only the book and the author’s name in small letters.

There are also books with covers with just one image and color. This differs from when book covers were filled with patterns and letters. With a minimalistic design, you can focus on one main element.

Minimalistic book covers also have a lot of white space. This is done to create a focused impression. By doing this, the designer directs the viewer’s attention to one element that represents the main content or story of the book.

Trend 2: Abstract Art

Abstract art is becoming more popular in book cover designs. Discover more about this trend in Exploring the Scope of Book Writing in the 21st Century. because it is different and artsy. Covers are made to look interesting by using bright colors, interesting shapes, and fluid patterns that give room for interpretation. Abstract designs can make people feel and wonder, which draws them into the story.

Trend 3: Bold Typography

The style of letters used in graphic designs, like book covers, is typography. Using bold fonts has been popular recently, as detailed in What Is Tracking in Typography?. which will continue in 2023. Designers will keep using bold fonts to grab the attention of readers and customers. They will use them aggressively to make sure readers notice the book.

We need to immediately see the letters on a book cover to be interested. That’s why most book covers have typography. Designers will often use capitalized fonts to make a statement about the book’s content. Even less famous authors are expected to have book covers with big fonts all over them. To make the text look more lively, designers will focus on adding natural touches. Until now, they focused on using clean typography.

Trend 4: Nature and Botanical Elements

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, putting parts of nature and the natural world on book covers can help people feel calm and connected. The floral designs, leaves, and organic textures on the book cover stand out against the digital background because they contrast nicely.

Trend 5: Genuine Photos

Book cover designers are now favoring authentic photos over stock photos, a topic covered in How to Design a Book: The Art of Creating Eye-Catching Books. These photos are taken from real-life events. These authentic photos help establish a connection with readers and viewers. Designers use real-life photos of people to evoke emotions and create a sense of familiarity.

More and more designers are recognizing the strengths of photography, especially because high-quality photos are easily accessible. Thanks to the widespread use of smartphone cameras, stock photography is gradually losing its popularity in designs. Real photos capturing people and events have largely taken its place.

Book cover designers can now evoke genuine emotional responses from potential readers and buyers of books. A strong emotional bond can be formed with the audience by looking at a book cover with real-life images. It’s not just book covers that utilize real images. We can also observe this trend in website design, where real images establish a convincing brand image for businesses.

Trend 6: Retro and Vintage Styles

In 2023, classic and old-fashioned styles from the past will be popular again when designing book covers. Nostalgia, or a strong desire for the past, can greatly impact design decisions. Designers will use old-fashioned fonts, faded colors, and worn-out textures that remind them of different times to give the book covers a nostalgic and interesting feel. People will be interested in these style choices because they will make them think of the past.

Trend 7: Illustrative Covers

In 2023, book covers will have beautiful and creative drawings. These pictures can be drawn by hand or made on a computer. They make the covers look more interesting and fun. The goal is to get to the story’s heart and interest people. There are lots of small features on these covers, which show off interesting characters and bright colors. They invite people to step into a world that is beautiful to look at. The pictures on these book covers bring the story to life and make readers even more interested in the books.

Trend 8: Metallic Accents

Metallic accents add a touch of luxury and sophistication to book covers. Foil stamping, embossing, or metallic finishes can be used to highlight key elements of the design, such as the title or intricate details. Metallic accents catch the light and create an eye-catching effect that elevates the overall appeal of the book cover.

 Trend 9: Vibrant Color Schemes

In 2023, book covers will likely have bold, bright color schemes. Bright colors, colors that look different from each other, and color patterns make covers that stand out and get people’s attention. These colors can immediately tell potential readers about the book’s mood, genre, or main idea.

Trend 10: 3D Effects

Technology changes have allowed book cover designers and service providers like Book Writing Founders to try new ideas. Embossing, debossing, and raised textures are all 3D effects that give book covers depth and a nice feel. These effects give readers a physical experience and make the book cover interesting.

Essential Elements and Detailed Insights

Trend Key Features Impact on Readers
Minimalistic Designs – Simple, uncluttered layout
– Emphasis on white space
Draws focus to central elements, creating a clean and modern look
Abstract Art – Bright colors, fluid patterns
– Open to interpretation
Evokes curiosity and artistic appeal
Bold Typography – Large, prominent fonts
– Aggressive use of typography
Grabs attention and conveys the book’s tone
Nature & Botanical Elements – Floral designs, organic textures
– Nature-inspired visuals
Offers a sense of calmness and connection to the natural world
Genuine Photos – Real-life images
– Emotion-evoking photography
Creates a personal and authentic feel
Retro & Vintage Styles – Old-fashioned fonts, faded colors
– Nostalgic design elements
Evokes nostalgia and a sense of past eras
Illustrative Covers – Hand-drawn or digital illustrations
– Detailed and colorful
Engages readers with visually rich and imaginative designs


As we look ahead to 2023, the world of book cover design is filled with exciting trends that will capture the imagination of readers. Each trend brings unique appeal, from minimalistic designs and abstract art to bold typography and nature-inspired elements. By embracing these trends, authors and publishers can create book covers that resonate with their target audience, increasing the chances of attracting readers and sparking their curiosity.

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