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Which of The Following Is a Key Strategy for Distributing Your Video Content?

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  • November 6, 2023
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  • 10 min read


Video content is great for anyone who wants to make their business more accessible and engaging. Video can be used to answer questions, explain products and services, or show how a product is made. But the video needs to be distributed for anyone to see it.

Video distribution is key to getting your videos in front of the right people. There are many ways to distribute your video content, but the most important thing is to find a strategy that works for you.

Your strategy should be based on what you want to accomplish with your video and how much time and effort you want to put into it. You should also consider how much money you want to spend on Video distribution.

In this article, we’ll discuss the key strategies for Video distribution for your content.

Leveraging Multiple Platforms

Sharing your videos across various platforms expands your audience reach is one of the techniques of Video distribution. Think of platforms like different playgrounds; each has its unique set of friends to meet and play with!

Here’s how you can make the most of these playgrounds:


It’s like the big, friendly park where everyone goes to watch videos. Perfect for longer content and tutorials. You can create small videos of your content, like cute videos, BTS shots, or a book trailer guide (whatever your line of work is), and post them here. If you cannot make or edit videos yourself, you can always hire a professional videographer or video book trailer creation artist for you.


Think of Facebook as a neighborhood park where families and friends gather. Share a wide range of videos – from fun moments to informative content.


Instagram can be like a cool skate park. Short, snappy videos and stunning visuals are the way to go here.


Lastly, never forget the most popular one currently, which is TikTok. This one’s like a fun, buzzing amusement park! Here, you can post short, entertaining videos rule this platform.


Think of this as a professional park where you network. Share industry-related or educational videos.

Being present in these different “playgrounds” increases your chances of meeting new friends, aka your audience!

Optimizing for Each Platform

Each platform has its rules, just like different games have their own rules. So whenever you are doing Video distribution, you must ensure they are properly optimized for each platform. To make your videos shine on each platform:

Size Matters:

Tailor your videos to fit each platform’s preferences. Square for Instagram, horizontal for YouTube, and vertical for TikTok!

Grab Attention Quickly:

Start with a bang! Catch the viewer’s eye in the first few seconds to keep them watching.

Hashtags and Keywords:

Use platform-specific keywords and hashtags. These help your videos show up when people search for related stuff.

Remember, adapting your videos for each platform is like speaking their language – it helps you connect better with your audience!

Utilizing SEO Techniques

SEO might sound complicated, but it’s like planting signposts to help people find your videos on the internet highway. Here’s how to do it without breaking a sweat:

Keywords Are Key:

These are words or phrases people type in when searching. Use relevant keywords in your video title, description, and tags. Think about what words your friends would use to find your video!

Descriptions Are Helpful:

Write a brief, friendly blurb about your video. Tell viewers what they’ll learn or enjoy. It’s like a sneak peek to get them excited!

Tags Matter:

Adding relevant tags helps search engines understand what your video is about. It’s like adding labels to your videos so they’re easy to find.

Collaborate and Partner Up

Another thing you can do for your content Video distribution is collaborate with relevant people. Think of collaborations like teaming up with friends to organize a fun event.

Collaborating with influencers, other content creators, or brands is like throwing a big party where everyone invites their friends! These influencers usually have a large reach, which can help you tap into a market where your brand’s presence is still nonexistent.

Influencer Power:

Collaborating with influencers lets you tap into their followers. It’s like having a friend introduce you to their buddies!


When you partner up with someone, you share each other’s content. It’s like recommending your favorite book to a friend and vice versa.

Shared Audiences:

By teaming up, you reach people who might not have known about your videos. It’s like making new friends through mutual friends!

Engage Your Audience

One key element of most kinds of Video distribution is that it needs to be engaging. Engaging your audience is like having a fun conversation with friends. It keeps them interested and excited about your content!

Respond to Comments:

When friends comment, it’s polite to reply! The same goes for your audience. Answer their questions and thank them for their thoughts.

Ask Questions:

Friends love sharing opinions. Ask your audience questions related to your videos. It’s like getting their suggestions for the next hangout.

Run Contests or Polls:

Everyone loves games! Contests and polls make your audience feel involved. It’s like hosting a game night with friends online.

Email Marketing Integration

Another great way of Video distribution is through email marketing. Emails are like personal letters to your friends. Utilize your email list to inform your audience about your latest videos! Here is what you can do with it.

Tease with Snippets:

Send sneak peeks or snippets of your videos through newsletters. It’s like sending postcards from your latest adventure to your pals.

Exclusive Content:

Offer your subscribers something special. It’s like inviting friends to a private movie screening – they feel special and excited!

Encourage Sharing:

Ask your email pals to share your videos. It’s like recommending a great movie to friends – word of mouth spreads the excitement!

Opt for Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is like putting up posters around town to let everyone know about your cool event and your line of business; whether you are creating products or providing book writing services, you can create a video for it and distribute it.

Here’s how you can use it to boost your video’s visibility:

Targeted Ads:

Platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads let you target specific groups. It’s like inviting people interested in cooking to a recipe exchange!

Budget Control:

You decide how much to spend. It’s like setting aside money for a party – the more you allocate, the more guests (views) you’ll get!

Reach Your Audience:

Paid ads ensure your videos show up where your potential audience hangs out. It’s like ensuring your event flyers are in the right spots where your friends gather!

Create Shareable Content

Another thing you need to make sure for your videos is that they are shareable. For example, you can follow a trend or create a meme like many businesses do. This way, it becomes relevant for people as they can relate.

Or, to put it simply, if people were to not know who the Book Writing Founders are, these collaborations would help spread our name.

Here’s how you can make your videos more share-worthy:

Emotions Matter:

Videos that make people laugh, cry, or learn something new are more likely to be shared. It’s like sharing a funny joke or an interesting fact with friends!

Entertain or Educate:

Make videos that either entertain or teach something valuable. It’s like recommending a movie your friends will enjoy and learn from!

Make it Easy to Share:

Add social media buttons or ask viewers to share the video. It’s like providing a sharing-friendly environment, making it effortless for friends to spread the word!

Analyze and Iterate

Having a solid book marketing strategy is crucial for the success of any author or publisher. But you also need to analyze and iterate your strategies. By reviewing your marketing strategy, you can make improvements for the next campaign. Doing so can increase your book’s visibility, draw attention to your target audience, and ultimately boost sales.

Here’s how to improve your video strategy:

Metrics Matter:

Look at views, likes, comments, and shares. It’s like checking how many friends attended your party and what they enjoyed the most!

Identify Patterns:

Notice what types of videos get more views or engagement. It’s like realizing your friends prefer game nights over movie nights!

Experiment and Improve:

Try new ideas based on what works. It’s like planning the next hangout with better activities your friends will love!

Utilize CTAs (Calls to Action)

CTA’s are crucial in your business, architecture, crafting, art, or book writing journey. They guide your audience toward the next step or adventure. They are akin to giving your friends directions on how to join you on your next exciting endeavor.

Here’s a guide on effectively incorporating CTAs into your writing to engage and encourage your audience to take action.

Clear Directions:

Tell viewers what to do next, like subscribing or sharing. It’s like asking friends if they want to join you for the next event.

Placement is Key:

Put CTAs at the end of your video or key moments. It’s like suggesting plans right during a conversation with friends!

Make it Easy:

Provide clickable links or buttons for actions. It’s like sending your friends a direct link to the party location!

Main Attributes and Elaborate Information

Video Distribution Strategy Key Features Practical Tips
Leveraging Multiple Platforms – Wide audience reach
– Platform diversity
– Use YouTube for long-form content
– Facebook for community engagement
– Instagram and TikTok for short, catchy videos
– LinkedIn for professional content
Optimizing For Each Platform – Tailored approach
– Platform-specific rules
– Adapt video size and format
– Use engaging starts
– Implement relevant hashtags and keywords
Utilizing SEO Techniques – Enhanced online discoverability
– Search engine optimization
– Include relevant keywords
– Write engaging descriptions
– Use appropriate tags
Collaborate And Partner Up – Expanded reach through influencers
– Shared audiences
– Leverage influencer networks
– Engage in cross-promotion
– Target shared audience interests
Engage Your Audience – Audience interaction
– Community building
– Respond to comments
– Conduct polls and contests
– Ask engaging questions
Email Marketing Integration – Direct audience outreach
– Personalized communication
– Send video snippets in newsletters
– Offer exclusive content
– Encourage sharing among subscribers
Opt For Paid Advertising – Targeted audience reach
– Budget control
– Use targeted ad platforms like Google Ads
– Set a budget for advertising
– Reach specific audience demographics


Effective video distribution involves a multi-faceted approach. By leveraging various platforms, optimizing content, engaging the audience, and analyzing performance, you can significantly enhance the reach and impact of your video content. Experiment with strategies to find the best mix for your audience and goals.

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