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Who is the fastest reader in the world?

  • |
  • August 9, 2023
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  • 8 min read


Reading is a very important skill for education, job, and personal growth. Some people can read faster than others, but who are they? In this piece, we’ll learn about speed reading and find out who is the fastest reader in the world.

What is speed reading?

The skill of reading a lot of text in a short time is called “speed reading.” This method uses different reading methods to speed up the process without hurting comprehension. Scanning, skimming, and reading in chunks are all ways to read quickly. Speed readers also use their peripheral vision to see more words at once and move their eyes less, which slows down their reading speed.

The World’s Fastest Reader

Anne Jones from the United Kingdom holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest reader. In 2007, she finished the 607-page book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 47 minutes and 1.0 seconds. She now holds the record for being the person who can read the fastest in the world. Jones read an average of 4,251 words per minute. It is more than 12 times faster than the national rate of 200–300 words per minute. She became well-known in fast reading because of how well she did, and many people who want to improve their reading look up to her. Jones is so good at what she does that even the Royal Society of Arts gave her a special fellowship for her rapid-reading work. Book Writing Services can also help you become the fastest reader.

What’s the secret about Anne Jones?

The unique way that Nine Jones reads makes her so good at reading quickly. One of the major reasons for her success is that she can avoid sub vocalization, which is when you silently say words in your head while reading. Jones can read much faster and better now that he doesn’t have to do this.

Jones stops subvocalizing and moves his eyes less by using his peripheral vision to utter more words. Because of this, she can read faster and more correctly without losing the ability to understand what she reads.

Jones practices daily and uses several methods to improve her reading understanding and speed. She can direct her attention by moving her finger around the page, skimming the text to find important words and phrases, and breaking up long lines into smaller, easier-to-read chunks.

Jones is good at fast reading because she works hard to improve her skills and can read outside the lines. Her methods and attitude have inspired many people to improve at reading faster and more effectively.

Similar Quick Readers

According to the Guinness World Records, Anne Jones is now the fastest reader in the world. However, many other people have also read very quickly. One of the most well-known is Howard Berg, who has been thought to be the best reader in the country. Berg says he can read 25,000 words per minute, which is hard to believe.

Berg has made it his life’s work to teach people how to read quickly, and he has devised several ways to improve their reading speed and ability to understand what they are reading. He has written several books about speed reading and has even taught professionals and students how to do it.

Kim Peek is also known for being the fastest reader. He was called a “mega-savant” because he could remember and read things well. People said that Peek could read 20,000 words per minute and remember everything he had read. In the movie “Rain Man,” Raymond Babbitt was based on him because of his amazing skills.

Other fastest reader includes Maria Teresa Calderon, who is said to have read 80 books in one day, and Anne E. Jones, who says she can read 4,700 words per minute (but is not the same Anne E. Jones, who holds the Guinness World Record).

Even though Anne Jones may hold the Guinness World Record for the fastest reader, many other people can read very quickly. Many people have been inspired by their ways and by their drive to skill improvement to try to read faster and better.

Can you learn how to read quickly?

Speed reading is a skill that can be learned and improved with time and work. People can improve their reading comprehension and speed with the help of several books and classes. It’s important to remember that reading quickly shouldn’t come at the cost of understanding what you’re reading.

The Good Things About Reading Fast

Speed reading has many benefits that can help people in many parts of their lives. The most important benefit is more work getting done. People who can read faster may be able to learn more in less time, which helps them get things done faster and better. This can be very helpful for people who read information daily, like lawyers or professors.

Reading quickly also helps you focus and remember things better. When people read faster, they are more likely to stay interested in the text and remember what they have read. This could be very helpful for students who need to study and remember a lot of information for tests or projects.

Also, fast reading can make people smarter and help them learn more. People can learn about a wider range of topics and ideas in less time. People can gain personally and professionally from learning more about and understanding a wide range of topics in this way.

The bad things that happen when you read quickly

Even though there are many good things about fast reading, there may also be some bad things that people should know about. One of the main problems is that it makes it harder to understand and make sense of the information. People who read faster might miss important details or have trouble understanding the text. This is especially true for works that are hard to understand or are technical.

Also, doing speed reading exercises for a long time can be hard on your mind. It requires a lot of mental attention and concentration, which can be tiring and lead to burnout. Because of this, it might not be good for all kinds of reading, like literature or other works that need to be interpreted in more complicated ways.

Another possible drawback of the practice is that it can be hard to use fast reading for all kinds of reading. For example, speed reading might not help with poems, where the meaning of the text is often shown through the rhythm and melody of the words rather than their exact meaning. In the same way, it might not be the best choice for philosophical works that require deep thought and meditation.

Essential Elements and Detailed Insights

The Need for Speed Speed Readers Unveiled Pros and Cons of Quick Reading
The Importance of Reading – Essential for education, job, and personal growth.
– Speed reading as a valuable skill.
– More work done efficiently.
– Improved focus and memory.
– Learning more in less time.
Meet the Fastest Reader – Anne Jones: Guinness World Record Holder.
– Finished “Harry Potter” in 47 minutes.
– Reads 4,251 words per minute.
– Unique methods like peripheral vision.
– Avoids subvocalization for faster reading.
– Inspires others to read faster.
Other Quick Readers – Howard Berg: Claims 25,000 words per minute.
– Kim Peek: “Mega-savant” with exceptional memory.
– Maria Teresa Calderon: Read 80 books in one day.
– Diverse methods and skills.
– Influence on teaching speed reading.
– Varied reading speeds.
Learning the Art of Speed Reading – Speed reading as a learnable skill.
– Books and classes for improvement.*
– Balanced approach for comprehension.
– Reading faster without losing understanding.
– Developing skills over time.
Benefits of Reading Fast – Increased productivity.
– Better focus and memory retention.
– Learning more in less time.
– Useful for daily information consumption.
– Advantageous for professionals like lawyers and professors.
– Personal and professional growth.
Drawbacks of Quick Reading – Potential difficulty in understanding.
– Missing important details.
– Mental fatigue and burnout.
– Challenges in comprehending complex or technical texts.
– Not suitable for all genres (e.g., poetry, philosophy).
– Possible mental strain with prolonged use.
Anne Jones’ Record and the Balance – Anne Jones as a symbol of speed reading excellence.
– Reading “Harry Potter” in record time.
– Importance of balance in speed and comprehension.
– Acknowledging the achievement of speed reading.
– Emphasizing the need for understanding alongside speed.
– Encouraging a mindful approach to quick reading.


Anne Jones, a British woman, is the fastest reader in the world. For more inspirational stories, read What Impact Did Sinclair’s Book Have on the Era of Progressive Reform?. She read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 47 minutes and 1 second, the fastest time ever. There are many reasons to read faster, and speed reading is a unique skill that can be learned and improved with practice. Still, it’s important to remember that speed shouldn’t come at the cost of understanding what you’re reading and knowing what it means.

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